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Welcome to our range cookers site. Here you will find background information about range cookers as well as some of the best online retailers to buy your new range cooker from.

We've found relevant range cooker sites for you:

John Lewis Electrical Discount UK Currys Range Cookers at 

Falcon range cooker in cherry red

Why buy a range cooker?

They look good and can be a real feature for your kitchen. Range cookers are so-called as they are designed to look like the cooking ranges of old.

Having a large hob, with six or more burners, makes cooking that much easier, particularly if it's a large and complicated meal.

We've found relevant range cooker sites for you:

John Lewis Electrical Discount UK Currys Range Cookers at 

The extra space of their large capacity ovens means there's plenty of space to cook for a large family. Most freestanding cookers only have an oven capacity of 50 to 60 litres, whereas some range cookers can have an oven capacity of up to 150 litres.

If you have a range cooker with multiple ovens, it can save you time when preparing a meal, as you can cook different elements of the meal separately.

Range cookers are now made in both classic and contemporary styles, so you should be able to find one to perfectly match the desired look of your kitchen.

Owning a good cooker can make you want to cook.

What are the typical features of range cookers?

Range cookers come in widths between 80 and 150cm.

Range cookers have large hobs. With a range cooker, you can have as many as six saucepans on the go at once.

Many have a dedicated burner on the hobs for a wok. This powerful wok burner and cradle enables extra fast cooking and makes preparing stir frys a breeze. Often the wok burner is in the middle, but some people find it gets in the way there and prefer to choose a range cooker with a wok burner to one side. If it's to one side, you can leave the wok on it permanently without it getting in the way.

You can often put on different hob tops, e.g. griddles. A cast iron griddle plate is used for searing meat and fish.

The oven and grill configurations of range cookers are highly varied. Range cookers with one large oven are common, as are those with twin ovens. One can be a conventional oven, and the other can be a fan oven, giving you more options for cooking techniques.

Some range cookers may have a Rotisserie oven, allowing you to roast meat on a rotating spit.

Range cookers may have a separate grill or it may be part of one of the ovens.

Other types of ovens that range cookers can have are tall ovens, slow ovens and warming compartments. In general we would say that it's more useful to have two proper ovens rather than one proper oven and a warming oven.

Programmable electronic clock/timer.

Cast iron pan supports.

One feature to think about when choosing your range cooker is how easy will it be to clean. Different hob designs can differ greatly in their ease of cleaning.

What are typical features of gas range cookers?

Automatic Electric Ignition of Burners.

Flame Safety Devices - These are thermocouple sensors fitted to every burner, and can detect if the burner flame extinguishes and then automatically shut off the gas supply.

What are the main types of range cooker?

Dual Fuel Range Cookers - Dual fuel is the most popular type of range cooker. That's because they offer the most popular combination of gas hob with electric oven. People often prefer gas hobs because they find them more controllable, responsive and easier to cook with.

Electric Range Cookers - Also known as all electric range cookers, this means the cooker has an electric hob and electric ovens.

Gas Range Cookers - Also known as all gas range cookers, this means the cooker has a gas hob and gas ovens, and is supplied by the UK domestic natural gas supply. These are preferred by people used to cooking with gas, as they feel a gas oven does a better job of cooking.

LPG Range Cookers - Uses LPG gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) for the hob, and can use either electricity or LPG for the oven. Note that there has been low demand for an all LPG range cooker, such that Rangemaster is the only manufacturer still offering them. The LPG can be supplied via external tanks and this means a LPG range cooker can be fitted at a remote property that does not have access to a domestic natural gas supply.

What are common sizes for range cookers?

Range cooker size is usually given by width. Common widths for range cookers are:

90cm range cookers

100cm range cookers

110cm range cookers

120cm range cookers

150cm range cookers

Note also that the standard depth of kitchen cabinets is 60cm.

What are popular brands of dual fuel range cookers?

Popular brands of dual fuel range cooker include AEG, Belling, Bosch, Britannia, Cannon (made by Indesit), Caple, Baumatic, Delonghi, Falcon (good quality), Fisher & Paykel, Flavel, Hotpoint, Leisure, Rangemaster, Smeg and Stoves.

What colours are available for range cookers?

These days, you can buy range cookers in all sorts of colours, including:

Anthracite, black, champagne, cranberry, cream, gunmetal, racing green, royal blue, silver, stainless steel and white.

Why buy a dual fuel range cooker?

For many people, they offer the best combination of gas hobs and electric ovens.

Why Choose an All Gas Range Cooker?

People choose an all gas range cooker either because they have a personal preference for cooking with a gas oven, or because they do not have the required electrical supply for the other types of range cookers. Gas ovens have a gradiated heat distribution, being cooler at the bottom and hotter at the top, which many chefs appreciate. Note that the standard gas range cooker uses natural gas from the UK domestic gas supply. If you do not have a domestic gas supply then you can look at a LPG range cooker which can use LPG tanks to supply the fuel. Note that standard gas range cookers and LPG range cookers are two distinct types of range cooker which require different types of fuel supply that are not interchangeable.

Why Choose an All Electric Range Cooker?

You may only have the choice of an electric range cooker if you do not have a gas supply.

Some people prefer electric hobs as they are easier to clean. The cooking performance of electric hobs has also improved in recent years.

Choice Involved in Selecting Your Ideal Range Cooker

Which fuel type do you want? Dual fuel, all electric, all gas or LPG?

Choose whether you want a gas hob with burners or an electric hob with hot plates.

What colour do you want? Modern range cookers are available in a large range of colours to suit every kitchen.

What are Popular Brands of Gas Range Cookers?

Popular brands of gas range cooker include Baumatic, Belling, Cannon, Caple, DeLonghi, Flavel, Leisure, New World, Rangemaster (high quality, made in the UK in Leamington Spa) and Stoves.

What are Popular Styles for Range Cookers?

As you might expect, range cookers are made in many styles to suit the many different styles of kitchen. Styles vary from the sleek, professional style that would suit a contemporary kitchen, to the traditional, classic style that would suit a farmhouse kitchen.

Any installation tips for a range cooker?

A gas range cooker must be installed by a suitably qualified gas engineer.

An electric range cooker should be installed by a suitably qualified electrician.

Note that some range cookers will have levelling feet which allow around 2.5cm of height adjustment, and some range cookers have height adjustable legs, giving around 5cm of height adjustment. Extra high adjustable legs may also be available as an optional extra.

You will probably also need a range cooker hood for extraction of cooking steam. Ideally, go for a twin fan cooker hood with a decent extract rate.

Can You Provide More Information about Range Cooker Manufacturers?

Baumatic range cookers - More info coming soon.

Britannia range cookers - More info coming soon.

Falcon range cookers - High quality.

Flavel range cookers - More info coming soon.

Lacanche range cookers - High quality, and generally loved by their owners.

Leisure range cookers - More info coming soon.

Rangemaster range cookers - High quality, made in the UK in Leamington Spa. Rangemaster aftercare is good.

Stoves range cookers - Designed and manufactured in the UK. Also have a UK Customer Care Centre and Distribution Centre. Stoves has good customer service.

It's also worth asking around about a manufacturer's customer service levels before choosing which brand of range cooker to buy. A part might need replacing on your range cooker and it will give peace of mind to know that good customer service is there if you need it.

Other Sites

Heaters for Hire - For temporary heating hire services.

We've found relevant range cooker sites for you:

John Lewis Electrical Discount UK Currys Range Cookers at 

Thanks for visiting our Find Range Cookers page. We hope it helped find what you were looking for.

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